Alexander Herschel

He has been attracted to ancient history and archaeology since he was a child. Although he comes from a modest family, he managed to obtain a scholarship in the prestigious Roche-Berenger Institute.

He graduated with brilliant grades and obtained a prolongation of the scholarship and a position in the Institute as a junior assistant. But his inquisitive character caused him to refuse to accept historical inconsistencies, and this put an end to his academic career.

His bold theories about the origins of human civilization are in direct confrontation with the orthodox explanations of his colleagues, thus their relationship could be considered a little strained.

Yet, his high skills in dead languages and his ability to collect and analyze historical information on the field are valuable to the Institute, so they keep him in a remote desk in the basement. Also, his mentor, Professor Bonnet, still hopes to redirect him to a brilliant and conventional career as a historian.

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