Alison Steward

She is a genuine Scottish girl who studied physics in the University of Edinburgh. After obtaining a Ph.D. she met Toshihiro when both had a scholarship in the Physics Department of Cambridge University.

When Julia's father, Alfred Rybner took Toshi to the Wopod Corporation he spoke to him of Alison, and she was also hired to the team.

She is extremely intelligent and active, but also has an easily irritable character that explodes when things don't go in the way that she expects. In any case, those outbursts don't take too long and quickly disappear.

She became the perfect assistant for Julia and Toshi, adding sparks of inspiration to the development of the special devices used to discover the Atlantic phenomenon.

Sometimes it could seem that she's absentminded, in another world, and in fact that is so. As her brain is always working, in a moments of inspiration, suddenly she disconnects from reality, focusing on the solution to her intricate mental equations. Don't try to disturb her at those moments, unless you have a very good reason.
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