Claire Leblanc

She is a self-made girl. Her youth was not easy, but she decided to face her fate and move on and computers were the ideal way to fully develop her talent and skills completely on her own.

She has an insatiable curiosity about how things work and she is always looking for intricacies in operating systems and computer programs. That knowledge gives her control over the virtual world and she likes it.

Although introverted and sometimes inaccessible, she's a loyal friend that will never let you down.

She meets Tom and Hector on the Internet and quickly becomes a valuable member of the team as a Webmaster of the Internet publication "Hidden & True".

Also, her skills searching and finding information on the net are the best source of information for the magazine. She is capable of spending countless hours looking for what she needs until she finds it, and the more hidden and inaccessible the information, the more she is motivated to find it.

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