Liutenant John Clarke

Son of a Colonel of US Marines, he has always been immersed in the army discipline. He joined the Marines and served several years in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although his aptitudes are unquestionable, his military career has always been impeded due to discrepancies with his superiors about the way that some actions were carried out in the battlefield. One mission in which he disobeyed direct orders to save the life of civilians accidentally involved caused a court martial. After his retired father interceded, he was absolved, but forced to leave the military.

After a tough time working as bodyguard, he finally joined the Wopod Corporation as a security advisor for missions in risky zones. His skills and sense of honor was quickly recognised by Julia, who incorporated him as a regular member of all her expeditions.

He's an expert in all types of light weapons and his skills cover a wide range of areas, from piloting helicopters to medical first aid for wounds in the field.

He's just the kind of guy that you'd like to have on your side when the things go wrong.
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