Dr. Heinrich Finkelbaum

Heinrich Finkelbaum was born in Germany, just after the end of WWII. He quickly found in his studies a way to avoid the terrible situation that Germany found itself after the war. His dedication earned him a scholarship in Physics in the prestigious Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg.

He graduated Cum Laude and started a promising career in the Werner Heisenberg Institute of Munich, depending of the Max Plank Society, but his irritable character worked against him, because, although he was exceptionally brilliant , his lack of patience with his colleagues, and his numerous outbursts were isolating him.
He finally left the Institution to start working for the Wopod Corporation.

After Julia, Toshi and Alison decided to resign from the Wopod Corporation and continuing the investigations on their own, Mr. Goldenberg put him in charge of the department, in a desperate attempt to avoid being left behind in their race against Julia's team.
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