James Brown

Born in a deprived area in Port Morris, New York, he had a troubled infancy that didn't improve with age.

Thanks to his strong physical constitution, he tried to succeed in playing basketball, but his dreams never realized, and his poor economical situation didn't allow him to join the NCAA.

He was forced to develop a life as bodyguard to the local gang leader until he joined the US army, in order to escape that environment. He was assigned to Somalia where he was made up to Captain Hallen that after will hire him as a fortune soldier in his team.

James is not really a bad guy, but circumstances drove him to the dark side of life. Very introverted, he seemed always resigned to his fate, and to the role he seems to be forced to play.

His admirable physical condition makes him very dangerous in hand to hand combat, so you better keep quiet if you don't want to turn his strength against you.
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