Lin Yu

Alex's colleague in the Roche-Berenguer Institute, she's specialized in dead languages of the Middle East, such as Sumerian, Mesopotamian and Babylonian, but also ancient Chinese dialects and khmer.

Born in China, her excellent performance in Zhejiang University of Hangshou earned her a post graduate scholarship in the Roche-Berenguer Institute. Once there, the academic staff was so impressed with her talent that they offered her a permanent position and a desk.

Far more orthodox than Alex, she doesn’t share his theories but she always ends up helping him when he is in trouble with the academic institutions and needs a hand.

She has a prodigious ability to understand and interpret ancient texts. She's meticulous and well organized and always stays calm. She doesn’t really like fieldwork and prefers to stay in her office working with the texts and items that other colleagues bring to her. She enjoys the calm and quietness of her office more than the thrill of adventure.
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