Ricardo Gutierrez

Born in a Mexican family that emmigrated to the United States, he also joined the army as the only way to develop his skills.

He specialized in explosives and demolitions, although his natural curiosity led him to continuously learn a lot of different things, such as computers or electronics and it made him a man with access to a lot of resources when needed.

He met Lieutenant Clarke and Leroy in the same platoon in Afghanistan and after his service in the army, he joined them in the Wopod Corporation.

His Latino character is always present and sometimes it seems that he doesn't take life seriously at all, but nothing could be further from the truth. As Clarke and Leroy know well, when the situation requires it, Ricardo becomes in a cold, efficient and reliable soldier.

His apparent lack of fear doesn't mean that he isnít respectful of dangerous situations, and he helps maintain the high morale of the people.
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