the crater constructions
The Crater Constructions - 3D images The Crater Constructions - 3D images
Nephilim Room - Interactive 360º Panorama Nephilim Room - Interactive 360º Panorama
One of the corridors of the Nephilim complex ended in a group of rooms, probably used as home by the personnel in charge of the maintenance of the machinery.

In one of the rooms, a bizarre skeleton showed the alien nature of the builders. The few elements of furniture found there, suggested an archaic Egyptian style.

The remains were strangely well preserved, considering their alleged antiquity. Confirming again Julia's theory about time distortions that are produced when the island jumps from one quantum state to the other.

Pitifully, the hasty flight of the complex provoked by the sudden activation of the Nephilim quantum inverter, avoided a more exhaustive exploration of the other rooms and their content.
The place has shocking views to an artificial lake inside the west crater filled with hot water that probably arrives there after been used to refrigerate the gigantic circuits buried inside the island.

The excess of water is eliminated by other hidden pipe resulting in the waterfall and the creek that we saw when approaching to the gate
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