Inside the island there is a huge labyrinth of tunnels and chambers that harbors an extremely powerful machine. This complex seemed to work simultaneously with other similar ones placed in the same parallel, each 50 degrees west from the Giza plateau.

One of them seems to have been placed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, while the other should be in the area known as the "Bermuda triangle".

Other special locations seem to be placed every 50 degrees East of the Giza plateau pointing to a ancient Sumerian site and Nepal.

Although the builders disappeared long time ago, the machinery is still working taking the energy from the extreme heat of the volcanoes magma, but it seems out of control, trapped in a loop that has been repeated over and over sending Saint's Brendan Island to another quantum level and bringing it back to ours.

In every "jump" the island seems to be frozen in time for a large period. That explains the relative good condition of all the remains and artifacts found in there.
the nephilim complex
The Nephilim complex - 3D images The Nephilim complex - 3D images
Nephilim Complex - 3D Interactive Model Nephilim Complex - 3D Interactive Model
We don't know the original purpose of those machines. They use enormous circuits filled with hot mercury to create huge electromagnetic fields that oscillating in a precise frequency provoke a resonance phenomenon that changes the atomic structure of all the atomic particles in a sphere with a radius of approximately 15 Kms.

It induces an inter-dimensional swap, which means that all the particles of this sphere containing the island and surroundings is sent to another "dimension" or quantum level, while the same portion of this other "dimension" comes to our own quantum level.

These two parallel worlds were assimilated by the Sumerian culture as the two sons of Zurvan.

As Zurvan itself is the concept that mixes the whole concepts of time and space, his sons Ahura Mazda and Angra Maynyu represent the dual worlds of matter and anti-matter that exist simultaneously as different manifestations of the same Universe.
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