In their way to the Gate in the volcanoes base, the expedition found in the jungle the remains of enigmatic constructions abandoned long time ago. Their style could remind of the Inca buildings like some of the "Machu Picchu" but also ancient Egyptian remains as the temple near the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau. They both used massive stone blocks that perfectly fit creating a solid and durable structure.

The lack of decoration seems to mean a functional use of the buildings. The proximity to the Gate suggests the possibility of some kind of subterranean corridor that allows the access of some hidden area of the vast facilities discovered under the island volcanoes.

Unfortunately, the abandoned constructions were used as a nest for a colony of "giant spiders" with extremely aggressive behavior that prevented further explorations of the remains. Another interesting feature are the door and ceiling heights, suggesting the buildings were made to accommodate gigantic beings much taller than us.

The expedition had a glimpse of furniture remains wrapped with spider webs, that were oddly well preserved considering the alleged time of construction. That discovery confirms Julia's theory that Saint Brendan's island "freezes" in time while changing its quantum state.

the ruins in the jungle
Ruins in the jungle - 3D images Ruins in the jungle - 3D images
Jungle Ruins - Interactive 360º Panorama Jungle Ruins - Interactive 360º Panorama
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